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Blowing empty stuff is considered friendly fire, hence your squad mates attack you.
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Anytime you try to blow empty stuff ( for example for a mission about destroying enemy ammo boxes ), your squad mates consider it friendly fire.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor and create an AAF explosive specialist and a rifleman
  2. Place 4 or 5 empty stuff ( fia empty vehicles or ammo boxes )
  3. Blow it up with the explosive charge
  4. Your mate rifleman will start shooting at you.

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This is not a bug. Each vehicle or ammobox is faction specific. If you destroy object of the same faction as you this will be considered friendly fire and your rating will go down and then your side will switch to side ENEMY and then you will get attacked by friendly. If you however destroy objects of the enemy faction your rating will go up.

default faction relation:
blufor vs opfor - enemies
blufor vs independent - friends
opfor vs independent - enemies

Keep this in mind when blowing up assests. Sorry have to downvote your ticket.

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related to #5806

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I'd like to point out, that some of the faction specific vehicles have camo textures for other factions. For example, the Pawnee has an AAF camo texture. This texture now becomes redundant, as if you destroy it as a member of Blufor, you go renegade. Although I understand the logic behind this issue, I do not think it is a good addition. Perhaps, there should be an option to make an empty vehicle neutral...

So the US has NEVER destroyed an asset to prevent the enemy from getting it?

Destroying a downed aircraft to prevent the enemy from getting it's technology is a legitimate military procedure.

Did you see what was left of the helicopter that was destroyed by Seal Team Six during the raid on Osama-Bin Laden's compound after it crash landed at the compound? The "ghost hawk" in ARMA 3 is partially based on that helicopter!

For co-op gameplay, we could use some type of "special action" or OPTION to occasionally allow the destruction of friendly assets (by friendly forces) when the situation calls for it.

Nintendo arcade kids can give this a million down votes if they want, but anyone with a single ounce of common sense KNOWS this is a perfectly legitimate complaint, regarding a real world military tactic.

Haha funny you mention nintendo arcade kids because I think this mechanics of making you an enemy if you destroy own assets WAS designed to stop nintendo arcade kids from grieving. I agree with ripley, changing vehicle camo should count.

The whole point is absurd. Vehicles, ammo, and other assets are just tactical stuff, there should be able to destroy, capture, or do whatever you want with them; so NEVER should be faction binded.

As it happens in real life.