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M2A1 Slammer main gun (visually) recoils too much
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When the 120 mm gun of the M2A1 Slammer is fired, the recoil pushes it so far back into the turret, that the bore evacuator (the cylindrical device mounted on the gun) is pushed back into the turret.

While there are recoil compensators on most tank's main guns, they don't allow for that much movement. The Merkava Mk IV's main gun recoils up to a maximum of 400 mm. Ingame it seems to be much more.


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Observe the M2A1 Slammer while it is firing it's main gun. Notice how far the main gun recoils into the turret.

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Confirmed, forgot to create the ticket a long time ago. :)

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Much better after the update today. :)

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