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REQUEST - Option for use of ARMA 2 crosshairs
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I do not like the new crosshairs, plain and simple. People, along with myself, would like an option to use ARMA 2 style crosshairs.

For me, the problem is that the ARMA 3 crosshairs are not solid - they have transparency, and I have trouble with this.

Secondly, the ARMA 3 crosshairs to not indicate any form of sway or fatigue as the ARMA 2 ones do.

A centre dot in the ARMA 3 crosshairs is not what I want either, personally. It would hinder more than it would help. The A3 crosshairs are simply too large and not configurable. I'd prefer no crosshairs at all, or the ARMA 2 type.

Also of note is that crosshair size/shape varies with the type of weapon. For me, this is super super annoying. I liked the idea of it in ARMA 2 - Each weapon type (rifle, launcher, pistol) has their own kind of crosshair best suited for their role (general battle, anti vehicle, and close range)

The ARMA 3 crosshairs lack this quality! We need an option to use ARMA 2 crosshairs.

Simply put, it would be nice to have:

Configurable option for crosshair transparency
Option to use ARMA 2 style crosshairs
More control


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Compare ARMA 1/2 crosshairs to ARMA 3

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i don't know why people would down vote a good idea like this when they would still be able to keep their crosshair style. I never been a hater, if i like mine then i want you to like yours too, add us an option thanks! 1

Yes, this needs to be a feature.