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MBT main gun reload time difference between changing the shell and reloading a new one
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It is much quicker to change the ammo type than reloading a new (same kind of) shell to MBT main gun.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place any MBT, player as gunner
  2. fire your main gun
  3. observe how long it takes to reload
  4. change your shelltype
  5. observe how long it takes compared to just reloading
Additional Information

When changing ammo type, already chambered shell must be removed first, and should take A LOT more time than just reloading a new one.

A nimble player can exploit this by changing ammo type twice after firing, resulting in decreased reloading times.

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Reload time on a loaded cannon should be at least doubled. The loaded shell needs to be removed, re-shelved into the ammo compartment and the canister closed, another shell withdrawn and loaded. I do not understand why switching ammo costs so little time compared to reloading normally.

zGuba added a comment.Sep 22 2013, 8:36 PM

Should be improved by 23.09.2013. Changing shell type in 120mm cannon will now take as much time as reloading the gun; we should take cumbersomeness of action menu in account as opposed to yelling "MPAT"; can't track "unloading" the loaded shell at the moment.

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