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MRCO optic is stronger than HAMMER optic
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The item sting of mrco says it's x6 zoom , and the hammer one says x10 but ... the mrco have a better zoom from hammer .__.


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simple as that take the optic , right click (optic) , ctrl + right mouse button

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it's weird ._. and it's on dev and not
pics : (hammer) , (mrco)

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Both of them are either 4x (more likely) or 6x.

Looks like the exact same zoom to me.
And, as AD said, probably 4x.

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o_o are u retarded or what i uploaded 2 pics ._. you can see it's not x4 ._.

Yea, thanks for that.

The MRCO probably has something like 4.5x or 5x. I dunno.

I don't know if I'm retarded or not, but I'm looking at your two pictures and they have the exact same zoom.

Now, it might not be 4x, then again I did say probably.

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It's not x4 .-.

How do you know?

Do you seriously think that the RCO is 16x?

And the SOS is 85x?

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Well yes ._. if you press + in the sos you will have a huge zoom .-.

It's the same zoom.. the pictures lack perspective

the top of the chrome window is at the roof of the stand in both pics and the arrow is pointing to the same level IE top of Hesco Barrier

Did op change resolutions and not restart?

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No I didn't ._.

this is the problem with arma 3, nearly every stuffs are fictive models, inspirated by real ones, but remaining fictive. so BIS is free to take any characteristics and values for his stuffs, and claim to be realistic.

MRCO, HAMMER... these things don't exist. impossible to have a clear source on a specific data or characteristic to check if it's correct or not.

BIS is free to create anything he wants, giving any values to any stuffs and claiming to be futuristic.

there is no more accuracy in term of realism in arma 3

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MRCO is most likely a shortdod scope of some kind (they typically have x1-4 magnification (sometimes 1.5-6, sometimes 1-8, there many different models)).
HAMMER is acually a Leupold HAMR ( system so there is nothig fictional in it (except for the name of course).
ARCO is an Elcan SpecterDR sight (

So if some research is done it's easy to find the data about it.

giving the real name is the first thing to do to get something realistic.

"the MRCO is most likely."

yes, and this is precisely the problem. "most likely" is the pretext to introduce futuristic stuffs that don't match with real models.

the "futuristic" excuse is a solution for BIS to compensate the lack of degree of realism in term of model precision and characteristic.