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AI cannot walk through open fence gates
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AI cannot go through certain (open) fence gates.
For example the fence gate at the factory west of Kore in Altis (position 063162). If the gate is open the AI soldiers will try to find an alternative way instead of going directly through the gate. I made a small script to hide the gate (classname is Land_Net_Fence_Gate_F) but that didn't work.
I tested other gates in Altis but the behavior is the same. The only way of getting them going through the gate is ordering them to board a vehicle, but if they are ordered to move to a certain position, or just following you, they always go for the alternative path.


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Steps To Reproduce

Put AI under your command near the gate
Open it
Walk through the gate
AI will wont directly follow you, uses alternative path with no obstructions

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Hiding or destroying the object with scripts doesn't fix this.

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same problem and confirmed.

IA cannot go through bar gate open.

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I tried to drive a convoy with AI drivers through an open bar gate. They will not go through, even if there is no alternative route.