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AMV-7 Marshall bugs (turn out, zoom in, crew visible)
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Sometimes the turn out option is broken (driver only?). It looks like this bug only appears when other players are in the vehicle too. There seems to be a dependency between the turn out/in status from gunner, commander and driver. Not really sure how they relate to each other. I haven't tried other vehicles with turn in/out option, they might have the same problem.

Sometimes the commander can't zoom in anymore. This might be related to the turn in/out status mentioned in point 1.

Either the crew or the turret is placed/moddeled incorrectly because you can see the crew between the turret and the hull of the AMV-7 Marshall (see screenshots).

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Just noticed this one myself, you can also dissable the turret with smallarms (i used MX) and grenades by firing at the exposed/clipped crew.

Using DEV build 1.03.110466

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