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Ability to open doors from a quad.
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First of all, I'm sorry if this was done on purpose, since I've checked out if the problem was recurring while using a car - not to say all.

Still exploring the visual-vehicles/structures; I've noticed a weird behavior, which isn't as important as my previous report.

When you're driving a quad, you can open a door if you're in front of it, without the need to disembark from the quad.

Update: Bigger doors are also openable from a vehicle.


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  • go to the editor.
  • get a quad and place yourself as driver.
  • park perpendicularly the squad to a door (I recommand to go in the army sector near of Telos)
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Upvoted, only the small doors should be openable from quads, not the big ones.

I don't see the point of downvoting for such a thing that is only decreasing realism and broking immersion.

How is it breaking immersion that you can open doors from a quad?

Because opening a door from a quad is completelty unrealistic, specially if there's no animations/interactions at all, therefore it's breaking immersion. I though you knew it.

Well, the openable doors that are coming soon will most likely not have animations either. Are you saying that you don't want that update until it has animations?

I have nothing agains't not animated doors, animated doors handles are already enough too, and I wasn't excepting much more, but just saying that doors shouldn't be openable from either a car or a squad, at all.

How would you not be able to open doors from a quad?