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Single Flare Mode Needs Simple Fix
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Having the flares on Helo's and fixed wing set permanently to burst, is costing many pilots their lives over Stratis and Altis. I've asked around, and i have feedback. It sucks. Having the ability to change between the two would save lives and be realistic. I use flares in a more tactical way just like real pilots do, and its stresses me to find flares are too easily depleted due to the burst mode wasting them. Ive died too many times due to it, and so have many others. Please bring an option to disperse one flare, so that it is more efficient, and practical.


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Spawn Aircraft or Heli, and maybe some enemy AA. Now use flares, and watch how quickly you waste flares, before you end up being crushed by SAMS.

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This is a feature, and has been a feature for all past Arma games, and is likely to be a bugged key setting. Priority shouldn't be extreme, but none the less, it's probably a simple fix.

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The burst of flares is more realistic then being able to pop them one at a time. Its unrealistic that you can evade AA misiles 120 times by using flares. So , what is it, 10 presses of counter measures seems fine to me. A mission maker could decide to add extra flare magazines to the plane/chopper if he wants the player to use more flares.

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Isn't there a binding for flare amount but it isn't working?

It is silly that you are forced to have only burst amount what makes AA missile firing too hard as AI will burst flares in that moment when missile is fired instead flaring when starting a attack run and leaving the hotzone.

Human pilots can not do that and it makes them too easy to shoot down once flares are gone.

At least players should be allowed to do more realistic flare launching by allowing them to choose to launch them individually, so one attack run can take just 8-10 flares instead one missile taking 10.

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I second that

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@Fri13 is right
There's a countermeasure mode key to cycle between single and burst, but apparently it's not working.

So i guess this can be considered duplicate of #13945.

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This ticket is not even related to #0013495 LOL

note edited. wrote 49 instead of 94.

I use flares in a more tactical way just like real pilots do

Can we have tickets without this elitist attitude, please?

I'd suggest adding not only single mode, but one more burst mode. Like 2 ("single" mode), 8 and 32 flares. This will allow a compromise between need to slam the countermeasures button wildly and excess flare spending.

How about just switching the flaring function button from burst/single to low/fast?

Meaning that in low setting players can just push once and it fires a single flare. Keep it pushed and it shoots one flare per second.
Switch to fast mode and it fires flare every 300ms as long the button is pressed.

We can not have programmable flaring system where player can choose to fire flares from which side, how many in burst, time between flares and all kind different combinations (left, left, right, left, right, right, both, left, right, both) etc.

It totally takes the little bit of challenge away from flying a jet. Now for choppers that can not evade AA they could maybe have single fire or a larger amount of flares.

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Single flare / semi automatic is essewtial. As a pilot in A2/OA with trackir and all, being able to pop a single set of flares is absolutely critical to all aspects of air combat.

Without being able to precisely control the amount of flares I use, my performance as a pilot is liimited to how quickly the flares run out. With a single flare (2 flares in reality), I have more control over when and how I release them.

Exactly right Linkin. That is why this needs to be fixed.

I noticed this as well, I'd like to be able to pop a flare or two after doing a gun run. And for those of you that said "it would be unrealistic being able to evade 120 missiles," it would not just take one flare to evade the missile. Every flare you popped would slightly decrease the chances of the missile hitting you, and popping the same amount of flares as the current burst mode launches would make you just as likely to evade the missile as you currently are. This would allow pilots to risk popping less flares, conserving them but making them more likely to be hit.

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Duplicate of assigned #12106

@ linkin, there is something like 'evading' which is really easy in arma3. You only need to pop flares if you have multiple missiles incoming.

@B00tsy That is not the point. In real life, you can pop one flare. Skilled pilots use flares in a hot zone. Why penalize game play as if it's something like an RPG, when it is a Simulator. This is simply a broken mechanic, that needs to be fixed. There will still be an option for burst flares, but the single flare needs fixing, so i don't really see the problem.

Matter a fact, this should have been fixed via. patch 1.02. It cannot be that complicated. Cant understand why they didn't.

@DarkSideSixOfficial: "In real life, you can pop one flare. Skilled pilots use flares in a hot zone. Why penalize game play as if it's something like an RPG, when it is a Simulator. This is simply a broken mechanic, that needs to be fixed. There will still be an option for burst flares, but the single flare needs fixing, so i don't really see the problem."

ARMA is not a simulator, it is a infantry game with a complex functionality without huge aids as common military shooters are.
If we would want a simulator, then it would matter a lot from what direction do you fire your missile and from what range. As flares and chaffs ain't 100% sure like they are in ARMA, no where close.

In ARMA there is example no actualy "No Escape Zone" what is area from where you can not any more evade missile with any evasive action. Flares and chaffs turns to be very ineffective against most air defense systems in many situations.

But for improved and nice gameplay, ARMA 3 should have a combination of requirement of pilot to use flares/chaffs and then evasive actions to avoid missile being hit. So hard that you are forced to stop your attack run and start escaping. It would be a huge game changer if players flying should start thinking what kind a A-A unit is targeting or firing at them, from what direction, from what distance and even need to drop their payload to gain speed and agility to improve escape changes. To have situations where SPAAG is used against low flying targets while SAM would be for long range targets. And in game we would talk about SPAAG being used 2-4km range and SAM for 6-15km range.

SEAD missions would be totally own missions types for gamers from usual CAS and CAP missions.

We can not get anything close to simulator levels in ARMA 3 and it isn't bad thing as there are great simulators already. All what is needed is that BIS tries to fix clear problems and game balance breakers like this flare system being perfect and impossible to be used with single flare only.

Game balance is never an issue in Arma games. Sometimes are just realistically overpowered or underpowered. No artificial balance.

The flare system exists the way ti does because BI has not had the time to work on it yet. And we cannot get Arma anywhere close to simulator levels? You play Arma 2 with ACE? Arma 3 adds in many things from ACE.

More to the point though you guys are arguing over a bugged key setting.

As Progamer said, and again, it's not a balancing issue. The ability exists, and has existed since Arma 2, BI, just hasn't touched on this since release. It's a simple issue that's to b fixed.

Continue the discussion here please as this ticket is a duplicate for an assigned issue: