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You can't achieve a full loadout atm. You'll always be one rocket & one mag shy. This is because the ammunition that's chambered up in the weapons, comes from player inventory instead of going straight into the chamber from the .ext.

Basically, it looks like the ammunition is placed into your bags (vest, uniform & backpack) first & then loaded into the weapon immediately after (with no animation). For example, rendering an assault back pack with only 1 PCML (Missile) instead of 2 Missiles. And 1 chambered up in the launcher. Leaving a half full back pack.


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Utilize MenuInventory. Add 3 PCML Missiles to magazines (one for the chamber & 2 for the backpack) & a PCML launcher to weapons. When you spawn, select said role / loadout. You will not get the 3 missiles but instead 2. Even though there's room for one more in the assault pack.

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If players want a full loadout (ie; that missing PCML missile) they've to manually add one via ammo crate. Which kind of defeats the point of using MenuInventory.

I'd also prefer to have the configuration more refined. In addition to weapons, magazines, items & linked items, also have backpack items,vest items & uniform items. So I can dictate what items go where.

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