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IFV-6a Cheetah's missiles only fired from the right-side launcher
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The Anti-Air vehicle IFV-6a's missiles are coming out from the right-side launcher only. When firing one, the left-side launcher is getting empty instead.

As you noticed, this vehicle have 2 launchers, each of them contain 2 launchers tubes. Then, you have a maximum amount of 4 missiles.

Theoretically when you've fired a missile from the left-side, the tube from this side should be empty and not the reverse.

So, whenever you fire, the missiles will always be fired from the right side. Therefore this animation is not correct.

I highly hope that missiles can be fired from the left side, too.

If this is not being treated yet, take your time, please. Since there are more importants to worry about.



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Steps To Reproduce
  • go to your editor.
  • place the IFV-6a Cheetah and set yourself as gunner.
  • use the 3rd person view, fire missiles, and watch.
  • wait till the smokes disappear and check the launchers tubes.
Additional Information

I was testing this from the 1.01 dev build release.
It should be the same in standard build, though.

Check the following picture.
Chronologically the top-left is the first one, then top-right, then bottom left and so bottom-right.

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