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No difference in thrid person view. between zooming the weapon and hipshot
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when we didn't zoom the weapon sight. we usally put weapon on sholder or idle position

but it's always watching weapon sight when we raise the weapon, it always in aim down sight

I saw this difference in BattleField 2 game, and it's really good notification and in same time good Eye candy :)


another suggestion about switching optics when aim down own weapon's sight such as like ARCO or RCO

it's kinda feel weird when i trans the ARCO or RCO between x sight and dotsight

it's just teleport to upper mini dotsight or 3.5x sight

wouldn't be nice if we see some switching animations?


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let anyone Hold any weapons

tell them down ther weapon sight (not a cros hair)

No animations


hold rifle

attach arco or rco

aim down my sight

switch weapon's sight

magically switch to dot or x sight

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