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Current explosions and crash particles are to small and short lived
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When any air to ground bombs are dropped the explosions and smoke are incredibly small for the payload. Explosion should be at least 3 times the size.

As for smoke. There should be a plethora of smoke coming from crashes and explosions. extending MUCH higher and wider than currently implemented.

Here is a clip of what seems like 2 Jdams in an airstrike.. Notice the size and smoke coverage after the fact as well.
These should also burn for a while (at least 10 mins)


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Get in fixed wing aircraft and run an airstrike in editor.
Watch the minimal damage done.

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A bit more of a shock wave on explosion would be nice too (pushing up dust radially and outward)

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Yeah...looks fine to me but maybe the short duration of the efects is for lagging reasons on the games.

I'm with this guy- there is a fun element that needs to be present in the game and the explosions and flames in the graphics end of things is still-particularly in light of other games- way on the short end of the stick- please improve and thanks

I've always been for the idea of more dust and smoke from explosions (among other things), partly for a more 'realistic' feel, but also having to deal with it in a tactical sense. However, I couldn't back it unless it can be done without a resource hit. People with humble systems play and one way that's possible is to keep the requirements for these kinds of effects low.