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Clothing is too similiar
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The Combat fatigues and the Spec Op are the same exact uniform and need to be changed. Maybe change the color of the Spec Ops uniform to a dark color with a new pattern or something.


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What is the point of having 2 uniforms that are the same exact thing, you might as well only have 1.

All they need to do is change it visually.

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Specops generally use the same uniform as the regular infantry force. Why change what isn't broken?

Here are NZSAS in afghanistan, wearing bog standard Multicam:

Navy seals wearing bog standard desert BDU:

Though in your defense, the BLUFOR recon squads at least TRY to look unique. The OPFOR recon have identical loadout to to general infantry except they have a silencer and a helmet that doesn't fit the rest of the uniform.

Yeah and if they want to look the same they can wear the combat fatigues.

All I am suggesting is that if a spec op team wants to look different than regular infantry (from the point of their fatigues) their should be more of a variety, (without having to use mods)

Doln added a comment.Sep 17 2013, 6:26 PM

But they don't want to look different than regular infantry. They want to do their job. What helps them do their job? A camo to suit the environment that they're in. Who already uses such a camo? The general infantry.

Agreed, but frankly the visual difference from the Opfor in the game and friendly is incredibly small- I would be hugely concerned in a real world situation that there was some measure taken to better ID forces - and Special Forces frankly should at least be hauling different gear if not wearing different camo. They get the latitude to do that because they aren't held on a tight leash like other regular line troop folks and frankly, they should know quite well what it takes to do their job, therefore they pick their own loadout

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All in for more gear variety for different... "classes".

But a different cammo pattern? No, it simply makes no sense.