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UAV CAS bombing run crash
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Hello, I've been trying to tie the UAV CAS variant to the bombing run supports module, it spawns, but it always crashes, as if it doesn't have a ai controlling it, not totally sure this is a bug, but after a few tries at using a crew filling script, it still doesn't work.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Place player,
place support requester and support provider: CAS (Bombing run)
add "B_UAV_02_CAS_F" to support provider: CAS (Bombing run), under vehicle type,
link support provider: CAS (Bombing run) to support requester, then the support requester to player unit,
call support(press 0, then 8, 1, then ether 1 or 2)
Watch UAV crash.

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Figure out why they do this, the engines are not running at time of spawn, so a temp fix would be _this setPos [getPos _this select 0,getPos _this select 1,1000] In the vehicle init box to give it time to recover from the fall, though, still needs to be fixed in that engines should be onn when used.

Edit: or not, haha, still crashes the UAV, this fix was for a f-18 mod I found, UAV still acts as if no one is driving.

Edit 2: fixed the crashing issue, but still disconnects as soon as it's called, so still can't be used for support calls.