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Drones don't mark enemy infantry units/static units on the map, and should always mark enemy units on every difficulty.
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First of all, drones don't show enemy infantry/static units on the map, even when you're zooming in very carefully on them, and there's no option to do so.
I think drones should mark enemy infantry/static units depending on their range, bigger ranges would require you to zoom in more carefully.
An alternative option is to use the "Reveal target" option(default button is 'T') to mark those targets.
Then, their updated position would appear as long as the drone has a direct line of sight to the target, and it can be seen with the drone's thermal. (And the range is not too far)

Secondly, drones show their targets on the map, at any difficulty.
The reasoning for this is that in 2035(and even today)most drones would be equipped with net-centric capabilities and be able to obtain GPS coords of their targets/laser targets, and share them to friendly forces.


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The magic map marking is very arcade style. Though this is a futuristic setting, I do not agree with this personally.

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It is unrealistic for foot units to magically mark targets on map, but it's definitely realistic for armored vehicles and drones who are equipped with GPS receivers and laser rangefinders.(After all, to know where's an enemy is, you just need your own position and the distance and heading between you and him.

For example the "Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below"-
Is a communication platform for tracking friendly and hostile forces. No doubt that in 2035 there will be something similar.

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I agree with Linkin. I like to play the game as heavy and realistic as posible.

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