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When controlling drones, you can't see waypoints or friendly unit tags of the drone controller's squad.
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When controlling drones, you can't see waypoints or friendly unit tags of the person controlling the drone.

I think that by 2035, drones should synchronize info with the person who's controlling them including the operator's location and his squad members location, as well as his personal map waypoints.

(The drone operator should also have a special friendly tag on the drone's HUD, so that he will be able to find his position more quickly relative to any targets of interest, and find out quicklier if there are any enemies approaching him.)


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set your game difficulty to "Regular" or lower.
  2. Open the editor, place a UAV operator as the player, maybe as a higher rank, and place some friendly squad members.
  3. Place a waypoint(shift click on somewhere in the map)
  4. Place your drone, go to a high altitude, notice that the waypoints don't appear on your HUD, and you can't see your friendly squad member/your own friendly tag on the HUD.
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Should be fixed. Could you please check it and let me know? Thanks

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Now I can see the tags of friendly squad members and waypoints that I assigned.
However I can't see the my own(Uav operator soldier) tag and I can't create new waypoints(shift clicked ones) from a drone nor delete ones.