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Infantry Movement - Turning is too fast
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I noticed this a long time ago, but now that the game is released I am a bit surprised to see it still exists.
If you spin your mouse to the right or left, you'll spin around and do a 720 degree (or however far you want to go) in an instant. I mean, super fast. This occurs on land, in any stance, or even under water. Very unrealistic is the :(

Im sure this has been reported before(possibly by me even) but I couldn't find it. If so, sorry.


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Turn using your mouse.

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I have no idea how to change this. Some sort of ratio thing? It feels like something that is so free-wheeling, that it's just been overlooked maybe?

The game still is awesome.

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Need something between А2 and A3 now

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they should care about AIs 360° backflip-triple-turn headshots at first :) if Your turning is too fast, why you dont just decrease mouse sensitivity ? :D