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Satchel Charges are way too powerfull
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I know that satchel charges are supposed to be powerfull. However, it is too powerfull that taking a cover behind the wall/building doesn't work. I remember denoting one satchel charge with my squad. I placed my charge and took cover behind the building with my squad (about 100m away). However, blast wiped us all even though we were taking cover behind the soild building. It seems like blast radious is the only way to determine the death.


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Set the Satchel Charges, and take cover behind solid objects.

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Video reproduction please.

I can also confirm with myself testing with clanmates that being near buildings/walls makes it worse for you if you are near an explosion. More likely to die/take damage.

Please test, try standing out in the open, then near or inside buildings at the same distance from the explosive.

I can't upload the video reproduction. However, people can test it with mission editor. Thanks for the info btw. Normaly taking cover behind the wall/building should protect you from the blast.