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Changing FOV doesn't change UI "hitboxes"
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Changing the field of view to something that uses the "Custom" aspect ratio in the video options can cause UI objects like the compass to have misplaced "hitboxes" (to move it the cursor has to be closer to the center of the screen rather than on top of the object you are moving.) This can cause some difficulty for those who play at higher fields of view due to headaches or motion sickness caused by the default 70 degrees.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Change the field of view in your profile .ini (I won't go into detail as there are guides for this online)
  2. Go in game with any character possessing a compass
  3. Open the map screen (M) and try to move the compass around
  4. If your FOV is higher than default the compass will "react" (cursor changes) when the cursor is closer to the center of the screen
  5. If FOV is lower than default the compass will react when the cursor is closer to the edges of the screen
Additional Information

This is rather minor, considering the cursor -does- change giving you some indication of where the compass. But it is a slight annoyance for those who use altered FOV

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