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Clouds glitching since latest dev build
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After the release of todays dev build I am sometimes experienceing some weird cloud colors. They only last for a minute and then the color slowly returns to normal. This does not look like the normal rainy clouds. {F22134} {F22135} {F22136} {F22137}


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Video card Geforce GT620
Cloud settings on ultra, texture setings on normal, cloud cover 49%.

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Since the last update, the cloud glitch looks different. It does not get totally brown/black anymore, but it is half normal/half grey/brown. It still turns back to normal within a minute.

I notice just now that it has to do with the altitude I am flying. As soon as I am getting up to 1300+ altitude the clouds are changing color. I might add a video of it at a later moment.

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Is this still valid?

Yes it is (last checked a week ago). It happens when crossing a certain altitude. If I stay below 1000 meters the clouds look as they should. Then above (approximately) 1000 meters I get this glitch and disapears again at 1300 meters and it repeats again at 2000 meters.

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Update: I have tested in the editor just now and the first time I had the glitch again (but much less visible). So I thought I'd record it, but the glitch is gone now. Tried for 10 minutes changing altitude and to reproduce it, but everything looks good now!.