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Recieve 'DX11 error : Create texture failed :DXGI_ERROR_REMOVED' on start up
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Game CTD with error message 'DX11 error : Create texture failed :DXGI_ERROR_REMOVED' and a pop up stating my display driver has stopped working. Either as game starts, at main menu or at best 5 minutes into gameplay.


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Start game.

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CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz
RAM - 16gb

With this rig I really shouldn't be having trouble just starting the game right?

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We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 2,097k, so you can attach here. When package will be bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here. Thank you.

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All files requested (From Arma 3 folder and dxdiag) at link;

UPDATE - Got 10 mins of gameplay today, then CTD with error message;

Do you have hw overclock?

Did you try play on different graphic settings? Try start with low overall graphic setting, if you will not have this issue, so then try better settings, until you will have this issue.

Well with my set up I started on high and now can get around 10-15 minutes of play before crash on low

Could you try dev version on Steam? Lots of fixes are there from relase.

When you want try, so you can activate dev version on Steam.
Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Betas>development build
This version may not stable and it can contain more bugs, than Stable Arma 3 version.

Dev steam version downloaded (all 800mb of it) and managed to get the regular 5 mins of play time before CTD this time with no error message :/

Still the same. Bought and payed for game, downloaded an extra gig of data, still getting 5 mins of gameplay before it shuts itself down.

It can be driver or hw issue. One user solved it, when he updated BIOS to latest version.

I'm not sure how I'd go about updating my BIOS.

Ok so I spoke to my laptop manufacturer and they've advised against diving straight into a bios update without any clear reason why or what part of the current bios settings are causing the problems.
They also said the fact I can run games like Skyrim and BF3 on ultra high graphics settings with no issues at all would make it apparent that it's the game, not the system it's running on. Would this be a bad assumption to make?

I got this error and thought it was my graphics card because when I played Tomb Raider Anniversary it also crashed, which it had never done before.

Now however, I have discovered that when I re-installed Windows and run Tomb Raider Anniversary, it never crashed, then I re-installed Carrier Command And ArmA III and they both crashed with the DirectX11 error - "DXGI DEVICE REMOVED" and my Tomb Raider Anniversary started to crash also.

So it appears to be BIS games which are causing this error.

Any response BIS?

UPDATE - Latest patch downloaded, 5 mins to crash, no error messages.
UPDATE - Latest Dev patch downloaded, 5 mins to crash, no error messages.

So are we going to get a response again or is a case of being ignored due to no easy fix? I mean if that's the case I think I'd rather a refund than waiting for a reply that isn't coming

Still awaiting a response

Winters added a subscriber: Winters.May 7 2016, 4:45 PM

This problem continues to plague me and yet never occurs in other games, even similar high end graphically demanding ones.

It may be coincidence, but I noticed that it seems to happen more frequently when it's night time in-game.

I'm having this problem as well. Same thing happens. I updated to Windows 8.1 was when it started.

Same issue here. Started all of a sudden.

Tried; updating BIOS, updating drivers for graphics card, reinstalled everything, physx to cpu, full screen, windowed, fullscreen windowed, low settings high settings, OC, underclock, stock clock, rolled back to 314.22 drivers, changed graphics card slot, cleaned card, reset card.

nothing worked and I'm piss sick of this. Only happens with this game, alpha or no alpha this is horse shit.

dont bother, they abandoned us a long time ago.

Yeah I figured they don't give a shit anymore, however I did managed to get this working without the crash but can only run the game at 21-25 FPS.

In the Nvidia CP, under manager 3D settings, for Arma 3 I did;

Maximum pre-rendered frames - 3
Multi-Display/mixed GPU acceleration - Single display performance mode
Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance

Physx AUTO

Now I can run the game (FPS drops sometimes but the driver doesn't hang). I've a GTS 450 and it's capable of running the game with decent settings but crashes when it does. Had to fork out for a new card to be able to play this game, so thanks Bohemia you shower of numbnuts.