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Mouse smoothing still applied to certain views, even when disabled
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I have set "mouse smoothing" to zero in the configuration, however mouse smoothing is still applied when I freelook my character's head or freelook while in a vehicle. This causes my regular aiming to be crisp and snap to where I move the mouse, but causes looking around to feel sluggish as if I were swimming in molasses and is frustrating.


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For instance, in the new COF Green firing range challenge, at the beginning you're forced to walk with the instructor to the start and cannot move except for freelooking the head. If you move your mouse fast to the right and then stop, the head will slowly turn to the right and keep turning well after you've stopped moving the mouse until it reaches to where you've moved the mouse. Very disorienting and frustrating. This occurs anytime/anywhere you freelook the head or freelook while in a vehicle -- it's not limited to COF Green.

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duplicate of #11751 and #1293.
devs said it can't be fixed.

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"Problem is, this can't be fixed, because otherwise if zou release Alt, the head snaps back violently, causing desorientation. The current solution has been picked as a compromise."

This is absurd. It's far more disorienting to have the sluggish freelooking. After all, I know exactly when I'm releasing the ALT button and therefore am already expecting my head to snap back -- this is far, far less disorienting than having inconsistent mouse velocities.

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Duplicate of 11751