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Random crashes while playing [w/ crash dump]
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Game has unexpected crashes while playing, both on singleplayer (meaning editor as well), and multiplayer. When this happens, screen freezes, and I have to bring up the task manager in order to go to desktop, where "Arma 3 has stopped working" has popped up. The game can crash at any time, sometimes after 15 minutes of playing, sometimes after two hours of playing. Problem is apparent from 0.77, both on standard and dev build.


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This also happens for me, it's completely random, sometime days pass without crash, but sometimes it's entire week with 1 crash per day usually...
Anyway, I've had this since alpha, and in full stable release it's still happening.

This happens to me all the time after about an hour of play on both singleplayer and multiplayer. It is very consistent for me. After it crashes in a singleplayer mission, reloading a saved game does absolutely no good. The loaded saved game crashes in less than a minute. First the screen freezes, then a couple seconds later the sound freezes. I have to go to task manager and shut down Arma because it's not responding.

This makes long singleplayer missions completely unplayable. After an hour of play no matter what I can't continue with the mission. I have to restart the mission from the beginning, so I can never finish a mission.

This didn't happen to me in the Alpha version of the game. I didn't play the Beta version. My singleplayer missions are downloaded from Steam Workshop.

this happens to me pretty much only for MP, not very frequent, but it happens... Also it seems other players i pley get affected at the same time! sometimes not everyone, once played a server with 30 something guys, and everyone crashed excpet for myself and another person. it is strange though