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Bazzard does not go well on Dirt runway
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It is very difficult at times to move the Buzzard Jet on a dirt taxiway.
Sometimes it will start moving pretty quickly and other times you can sit there for 5 minutes, full throttle and it won't budge.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor
  2. Create Buzzard on the ground on a dirt runway
  3. Try to make it move
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This is trivial, sometimes it'll move but most times it won't.

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There is also a hangar on the main airfield the makes the buzzard unmovalbe at certain spots. I do not like the dirt airstrips at all btw, they are not really usable for jets, besides a couple, as you simple do not get enough speed doing the rally cross thing over the dirt runway.

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Totally agreed. Upvoted.

Same applies to the Greyhawk UAV. They get stuck in the dirt.
Sometimes adjusting flaps or rudder gets it moving again but there is no pattern or logic to it.

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Yes, totally agreed. Hapens the same to me with the UAV