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wenig fps trotz guten pc
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I have a amd phenom x6 and a palit gtx 580
I still have only about 20 fps in the game and I really do not know what to do.
in the main menu I have about 160 fps {F22105} {F22106} {F22107} {F22108}


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What are your setting and your system specs?

In my view not very high.

Is the 20 FPS in SP or MP?

lol in MP =(

This might be related to the server and/or mission you were playing on.

What mission was it? Wasteland? Invade & annex?

it Wasteland on multiplayer
but it is also for other cards to multiplayer
In singleplayer I'm at 65 frames

Then it's a Wasteland/mission related issue. Contact the mission author.

Wasteland is heavily scripted and the scripting language is poorly optimized.