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Polish localization errors in main menu.
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There are a lot of localization errors in main menu, especially with options menu and hints. In graphics menu also FPS counter doesn't show number of frames properly. First of all I'm on dev build, don't know if it is the same on stable build too.

First problem happend when I've runned Arma3 (1920x1080 resolution):
Bottom text is moved down and cutted.

Main buttons in menu have proper names, but hints are often wrong:
Edytor - Editor
hint is: "Wznów rozgrywkę od ostatniego zapisanego stanu gry." means: "Continue game from last saved game".
Konfiguracja - Configuration
hint is: "Rozpocznij lub kontynuuj minikampanię "Przetrwanie"" means: "Start or continue minicampaign: "Survival"".
Instrukcja - Instruction
Hint is about credit list.
Twórcy - Credits
hint is "create your own scenario".
Prezentacje - Showcases
the hint is: "Play single player scenario or user created missions". I think it should be hint for "Scenariusze" - "Scenario" ?
Scenariusze - Scenario
hint is "change graphic, sound, game and control options..."
A lot of problems with option names. Shadow option is just example. Instead of shadows turned off text displays "Unknown community author", instead of low text displays "Turned on", other options are messed up to, for example Ultra is "Fullscreen window". Other graphic options, not only shadow options look similar. Additionaly FPS counter doesn't display FPS. Dynamic light option "Oświetlenie dynamiczne" has cutted text, I suggest to name it only "Oświetlenie" which means "Lighting".
More weird named options in other graphics panel.
Problems with hints in sound options. Other option panel seems to work well. There are mostly issues with hints and graphic options panel.


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Arma3 in steam library -> properties -> language -> polish -> run the game. :)

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Thanks for detailed info in this excellent report. There has been problem with merge of localization files. Most of the errors that occured have been fixed since, but not all.

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Fixed in dev branch

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