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Why DVD version still has to be patched?
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I can't play my game (physical DVD) directly out of the box. I am now in a mining area in my country where internet connection is very rare and very slow. It's painful enough to endure steam update (which is around 90MB), but after the installation, the game updates itself before I can even play it!

Why can't I play it as it is?? The reason I bought physical copy is that because I AM IN A REMOTE AREA.

Please think about us the "less fortunate, network-wise". We would like to support you by buying original games, in return please understand our circumstances. I have been with ArmA community for years and bought original copies, please help me to stay that way. It's kinda hard to understand that the patch needed for first day release is half the size of the installer...


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Buy the DVD version

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As far as I know you can turn off autoupdate in game's settings (Click RMB on ArmA3 in your Steam Library, select "Properties" and open "Updates" tab).