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"Vehicle free look" should only be applied when driving cars or trucks because it doesn't make sense for helis and planes
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When driving a car I want my default control to be mouse free looking, steering with keyboard, GTA style, which makes the most sense. But when piloting an aircraft I want the fine control of a mouse. Right now there is no way to get both control scheme without going into the option menu and switch something. The game would be so much better if I don't have to double press ALT every time I get into a truck or a car.


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This is not really a bug. It's a suggestion that would hugely help my driving experience in the game.

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Steering a car with mouse is just painful because first you want to be able to see your surrounding and second you can't tell how much you turned left or right by using mouse. Piloting a heli or a plane, on the other hand, would be nearly impossible using only the keyboard. So why not give us both at the same time, or at least add the option to customize?

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You can just have a key toggle freelook (default might be 2xAlt?).
Toggle it when you get into a car, don't when you get into an aircraft.

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You want it to be changed because you are too lazy to change the controls in options. Don't be so damn lazy.

I vote down

@JonnieConcrete As of now, there is no way to change the control to the scheme I described. This is because the game doesn't offer the option to separate vehicle look mode for different types of vehicles. Vote down if you want, but trust me I spent my time on the options menu. That being said, I don't think you read my post entirely and fully understand what I was trying to explain. Therefore your down vote is meaningless.

@BlackMamb That's exactly the thing I described that I don't want. "The game would be so much better if I don't have to double press ALT every time I get into a truck or a car." Read before post, please.

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Their may not be an option in the controls but you are still being Lazy because you can't be bothered pressing 2xALT when you get in a vehicle.

If you don't want to drive vehicles with mouse, remove that control.... i did.

Voted up. It's a great idea and some time ago I was looking for it too. It would be much better without pressing 2xALT every time we sit on driver sit in car. In options menu there is option to enable free look in vehicles, but it enables freelook in all type of vehicles including choppers and jets, which makes it useless if you fly using your mouse. It will be nice if there will be option to enable freelook only for land and sea vehicles.

No it's not, it's a terrible idea. Forcing a control method to perform one way in one vehicle as opposed to another is never a good idea and not everyone has trouble driving with the mouse.

IT IS. Only if that option would be added as 3rd option. In other games flying with mouse and driving with keyboard works perfect, in Arma3 too. Why not allow players to choose how they want to have their controls? Adding 3rd option without removing main 2 options in this panel would be perfect for players like me or Sonic557. Other players will not loose anything.

@NodUnit I don't know how this is a terrible idea for you. It's not like it's gonna force you to change the way you drive or fly. It's just a 3rd option to make it more convenient for people like me. Is it really so hard for you to see that?

@nick103 I admit I'm lazy, but all modern inventions are to accommondate people's laziness. Why do you have a phone? Because people are too lazy to travel 100 miles to talk to a friend. Why do you use a microwave? Because people are too lazy to make a fire with wood, etc. Also my laziness has nothing to do about it. Isn't it game developers' job to make players feel comfortable?

I don't want to drive cars with mouse but i still need the mouse free look. I plead you to really understand what I want to say before making a judgement on my suggestion, or at least try to understand before saying "no".

My suggestion will only make the game better, while not having the slightest effect on players like you. We all want to play the game the way we want to play, so why not give us the better option?

@Deo People are down voting this maybe because I made it sound like their controlling scheme is going to be affected. I'm terrible at English so if you really want to see this happening as I do, please make another ticket to make it clear that we only want this as another option.

Well I changed my vote (like it matters) since you mentioned the third option bit. I thought you meant changing the current system.

@NodUnit thanks for the support! It's also worth mentioning that if vehicle free look is enabled, double clicking ALT doesn't switch you back to mouse drive/fly. It's also kind of annoying cuz it's nearly impossible to pilot any aircraft without the mouse.

@Sonic557 just edit your ticket if you can and mention that in main menu currently there is option to turn on/off freelook but it affects all vehicles. Write in ticket that you would like to see 3rd option for enabling freelook only for land and sea vehicles, or that this option should be changed in menu from this: "enable free look in vehicles: on/off" to this:
"enable free look in vehicles:
*drop down menu here*
vehicles: on/off
helicopter: on/off
plane: on/off
submarine: on/off"
Types of vehicles are based on vehicles from controls configurations. If it is possible to assing keys for certain types of vehicles in controls then I believe it is easy fix for BIS to enable/disable free look for certain types of vehicles.

Also I completly forgot that when you enable free look in menu double clicking ALT doesn't switch you back to mouse drive/fly. Thanks for mentioning this, update ticket with this information as it should be fixed too.

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I am constantly toggeling freelook in a aircraft and I want to keep it that way. The way freelook is setup in arma is fine as it is.

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@Bootsy ready my post. Nothing would probably change for you as this feature would not change default settings.

Sonic557 asked me to open new ticket better explaining this problem. It can be viewed here:

Hopefully it is now enough understandable.

I down vote, Arma3 have more complicate things, it seems to me an idiocy the problem of pressing 2xALT when you enter in a car.

I downvoted because I happen to use mouse to steer to a degree and I also use TrackIR so this contradicts my interests. However if you change the title to a request for this as a customization option instead of a universal change I will change my vote.

I am all for inclusivity but your original report is too didactic.