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Quote from another player:

" has 500k + connections.
It used to only have 30k-50k. Now almost every server either drops all connections randomly, or the mission on the server randomly restarts for no reason at all."


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This is adding onto the post above... It seems some servers are just randomly restarting on their own. Nobody is doing it on Rcon nor through server control. The server just does it by itself. BE logs show no hackers. I heard somebody even empied their server when this was happening, sure enough, it restarted itself again even though it was empty with only the guy who owned it on the server. This is happening every few minutes as well... Nothing is logged that shows anything that invovles a restart. I'll try to get some logs on here incase somebody wants to go digging around in loads of code.

On top of that, some servers are also dropping clients (people getting no message received) randomly as well. This usually happens for about 60 seconds before the server gets the random restart...

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Gamespy is gone. close this.