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Vignette effects are too strong / should be configurable
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The current vignette effect is way too strong and hampers using peripheral vision. Using a screen with decent contrast reveals the vignettes. They also darken the edges of the screen.

It is also a static overlay which is bad, the effect should be dynamic based upon:

Player damage
Local explosions/impacts (blacking out) {F22044}


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Play a daytime mission or start editor during the day.

Observe vingette effect at edges of the screen.

Notice the effect it can have on gameplay.

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The current vignette effect is static/built in - this should not be the case. It's a very important visual feature and should be dynamic, but never a static/minimum amount.

ARMA 2 had no such static effect but does have similar effects based upon post processing settings.

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I too find this very annoying but wasn't entirely sure what it was called!
Thanks for posting it here, there really should be a slider for it just like with all of the other PP effects.

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Yeah the current issue is that it's a static overlay like NVG's... not changeable.

Probably removeable with a mod of some sort (none has been made AFAIK)

The effect is not only seen at the edge of the screen, but it's also darkening the whole picture.

Try changing the resolution while playing and you'll see the layer effect as a whole with the right and left side of the screen completely "clean"

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To date this hasn't been changed and the ticket has been assigned. Is anyone working on a different implementation?

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You can remove vignette when you press Scroll Lock/Pause key. I read that from a ticket a while ago. The thing is you need to remove the vignette every time you enter the game. I'd like to see an option to remove it completely so I don't need to remove it everytime.

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Hey guys,

I've tried to use the Sroll lock/pause key in both dev and normal versions of arma 3 but unfortunately it does not remove the vignette. The banding it causes is really annoying especially in overcast missions and indoors. Basically any environment that contains solid colours is affected by this. Hopefully an in game option will be applied soon.

Seems like Bohemia has broke this

You could disable the vignette a while ago with Pause/Break/Scroll Lock key but can't anymore...