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Some video options disabled
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During the alpha I was able to select very high and ultra texture detail with my gtx 560 1GB and the game ran perfectly. However I notice that now, If I try to turn up my graphics towards ultra or even very high the texture detail starts defaulting down to standard or even sometimes low and the other options are simply removed!
Now hang on a minute, If my PC can't handle certain graphics setting I want to be the judge of that because with a slight amount of overclocking I was able to easily run the alpha on ultra texture detail and now I'm being forced to use standard!
If I wanted the game to set my graphics options for me I would just click auto-adjust!


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Turn up some advanced video settings.

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i5 3750k
GTX 560 1GB
8GB ddr3 1600 RAM

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sometimes texture detail of high or veryhigh is removed because servers makes the rules.

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