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Game crashes to desktop after two or three "preview" runs on multiplayer missions on Altis only
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When creating a MP mission on Altis, the game starts to stutter and eventually crash after "previewing" the missions only two to three times. {F22039}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Create an empty MP mission
  • Place a player
  • Save
  • "preview" several times. Eventually, it will start to crawl and crash to desktop.
Additional Information

RPT and crash dumps attached

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This should be fixed in rev 109859 which should be released in one of the dev branch updates next week.

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Just a heads up, this has NOT been fixed yet

still broken, happen to me the other day

Can you upload new crashdump please? Thank you.

I *think* this was related to the paraglide crash that was fixed in Build 10747. The mission I was testing with previously started with paragliding. I could no longer reproduce the problem with another mission (no paragliding), so I would say the issue IS actually fixed.

Note: Definitely fixed