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Cannot connect to arma3server without connection to internet.
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Cannot connect to the arma 3 server, run from arma3server.exe,the game will stall on the loading screen. It will connect just fine at work when i am connected to the internet. It will not however connect when i am at my home with not interne access, and steam is in offline mode.


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Disable internet.
Run Steam in "Offline" mode.
Run arma3server.exe
Run arma 3 and try to connect to server.

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I purchased the game as arma 2 was one of the few games i could play at my house through lan with no internet access thinking arma 3 would be similar.

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Arma 3 servers require Steam authentication that can be only generated and validated online. Having Steam in offline mode tells the client that no network is available and therfore cannot generate/authenticate multiplayer tickets.

Assigning to George to clairfy further, if necessary, and close otherwise.

Arma3Server.exe is always creating an internet game. If you want to play only on LAN, one of the players has to host the game. If you are playing on one computer (testing missions etc.) you can switch DS (arma3Server.exe) to accept only local connections by setting loopback option in server config.

The reason is to limit massive use of DS servers that are running without ownership checks (running in LAN mode).