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Add "BRIEFING" to the AmbientAnimCombat Function
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I'd love to see the briefing animations added to the AmbientAnimCombat function. That way enemy could be engaged while talking to one another, or giving a field briefing, or something similar. Perfect for sniper missions, where you'd have to kill an officer or something similar.


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I would like to see ALL of the animation types from ambientAnim put into ambientAnimCombat. There are a lot there that would add some nice ambiance to a mission. - upvoted

Why are not all animations supported by BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat? Are they missing transitions?

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I know, right?! Also, the ambientanimcombat is flawed too. AI don't react to shots. They just flinch when wounded. Also, they ignore shots landing around them (if fired from a distance). Hopefully, BI will make some changes as they work through the campaign.