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Jets - Afterburners, orange glow around the engine and wing stress simulation
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Some sort of afterburner feature to the jets would be good...such as holding shift to activate them, given the downside that it would drain a lot of fuel, and also an orange glow to the engines would be aesthetically pleasing...more in the night than in the day, lastly, i know this isn't a flight simulator but it would add to the experience if wing stress simulation was implemented. ie Air flows under the wings causing the wings to flex in a lifelike way and touching down causes them to bounce...Im using Flight simulator X as a reference point in regards to wing stress simulation ;) . {F22025} {F22026} {F22027}


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That is to increase thrust...

But it works pretty much like afterburners. it doesn't afterburners and merely increasing thrust are two different things, afterburning is when additional fuel is injected into the jet pipe downstream of the turbine thus the advantage of afterburning is significantly increased thrust...

Afterburners are great. But I *think* the only plane right now in ARMA3 is a copy of the L-39. And the L-39 doesn't have afterburners.

Hopefully aircraft that have afterburners in real life, will have afterburners in ARMA3.

Actually, it's an L-159.

Does that one have afterburners?

Alca nor Albatros dont have afterburner.

@any of the devs

What CAS planes are you working on?

The Albatros doesn't have afterburners i was suggesting this feature for future jets that BIS are working on.

who would down vote afterburners lol

I had because L-159 has no afterburner and ingame plane has already nice thrust.

I quote - "the Albatros doesn't have afterburners i was suggesting this feature for future jets that BIS are working on".

Id like to say although the trust is nice on the aircraft, the in game flight model does need work over the long run, if not short run. The aerodynamics are OK, but not the best, the stall out on the ALCA is a bit over stressed. Maybe implementing aircraft weight, say, after using payload the aircraft becomes lighter, and when fully loaded heavier.

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Id fully support afterburners in the future, if the respective jets have them in reality. Wing-flexing im not such a fan of, even though I really enjoy complex flight sims, I think performance should always be valued higher than visual stuff like this. It doesnt do anything to the flight characteristics, so it is probably not important enough to sacrifice further CPU/GPU power for.

Seriously though, I dont like OPs attitude of constantly changing the description to push it to the top of the recently changed list. Hopefully Mods will look into that.

man i love this idea, and i wanted to point out that the sound of the arma 3 jets Are very good

I saw this feature in a F/A 18 Superhornet addon for arma 3, this should be implemented for arma 3 +1.


Why do you update the ticket so much?


So it gets pushed to the top

does it offend you or something cos you keep complaining, not that it matters :)

I recently flew the F/A 18 Superhornet addon for arma 3 and it has afterburner.

And it would be better if i could holding shift to activate them, instead of scrolling every time in the action menu; as it is for flaps and gear.


I hate seeing "[Arma 3 Beta 0014314]: Jets - Afterburners, orange glow around the engine and wing stress simulation The following issue has been UPDATED." every two hours.


Oh...that's unfortunate...dont worry ill update it again in a sec..just for you bro! :)

The F/A-18 doesn't fit the 2035 era. Maybe they need to make the more modernized version of the F/A-18. Dont remember the name of it. Its got some stealth features though.

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DarkSide6Official are you talking about the F-22 or the F-35?

The F-35 would be better IMO and they've already got a model.

haha the A-143 Buzzard can't go enough to exert any real force on the wings, nor does it have afterburners. But when faster, more powerful jets are released, both of these things should definitely be implemented. I am hoping strongly that they will put the A-10 in the game, because it's service life was extended to 2040.

Would be nice to have a better flight model in general:

Maybe using the current flight model as easy mode.

I think this would be a welcome addition considering the new Jets DLC. Since all jets in said DLC seem to have engines capable of afterburning, it would be odd to leave it out.

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The Jets DLC is bringing engine flame and can only be seen internally from the rear of the aircraft (eg. using 3D view), but not the afterburner thrusters glow which extends beyond the frame of the aircraft during afterburner usage.

The externally viewed afterburner glow could also give an aircraft away to enemy below, so this effect could improve game play.

Also still apparently lacking in the Jets DLC is wing stress flexing, but this I'm thinking wing flexing is something that might be better left for PhysX?