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Vehicle smoke screen does not spoof guided missiles
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Vehicles (tested with Merkava, T-100, Namer APC, BTR-T, Cheetah) still can be locked and hit by a laser or thermal guided missile (Skalpel, DAGR, Titan) even under the smoke screen. They were hidden in smoke, without any direct visibility in visual or IR range, and still hit without any problems.


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I tried to drive the vehicles back after deploying the smoke, without any effect.

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Are you sure smoke can be used to counter guided missiles?

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I'm sure it is supposed to counter guided missiles. An TI guided too as long as it can block the view in thermal range.

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Yes modern smoke grenades/generators can protect against IR devices, i think they use different materials in the smoke such as carbon or glass to reflect the laser away from the target.

Not sure about hand held smoke grenades but vehicle mounted ones should brake a lock and or make already fired weapons loose any ability to track their target.

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Welcome back the SACLOS missiles what can not be broke off other way than moving behind smoke screen so operator guides missile to miss.

So yes, modern smoke screens reflect lasers and blocks thermal view so you can not meter distance from that area or see trough with TVS.

Still it is own question how should those missiles work in game once they lose lock? Usual way is that they just keep direction where the target lock was so if you don't move you are hit somewhere.

Then other case is with missiles what use radar as it is not blocked so easily (some smokescreens use aluminium what distorts laser and radar) but then again some missiles guidance you can not block than visually hide if they are beam raiders, radio controlled or with wire.

How is in game Skalpel ATGM missile even guided? Shouldn't it be a radio controlled?

Good point, as far as i know arma doesn't really have different types of missile guidance, its just "guided".

So unless the devs can make the game differentiate between radar, laser, thermal guidance ect, then the only way is to make smoke brake the lock of all missiles.

This in turn would make wire/radio guided missiles more relevant.

Also if the missile loses lock after launch it should just go ballistic or in a straight line, so as you say if you don't move you may still be hit.

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I'm wondering, why it still isn't fixed in 2015?

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Upvoting, please fix it.
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