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Simul Weather commands are local
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Right now Simul Weather commands are local. We need global of equivalents of each command or all the Simul commands to be made global and JIP compatible.


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Associated issues:

  1. Static nextweatherchange sync time of 3600 seconds that cant be changed
  2. Static iteration sync time set to 1800 after the first run.
  3. Doesn't sync that value across clients, each client run its own nextweatherchange value.
  4. Randomly change the serverside value to some random value if a client connects.

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This feature is much needed.

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My buddy and I experienced diffenent weather simulations during a match on the same server at the same time. His player walked through a thunderstorm and my player had sunny clear weather. We played together and his player walked right next to my player.

Was he soaking from the rain? (hehe, kidding, but that would be funny)

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The way weather is handled by the engine should be changed. Any weather change on the server = clients will be updated automatically (including JIP clients).
So instead of just making scripting commands global this should be part of the engine out of the box (and only the server should have the right to change weather in MP and not some client because of global scripting commands).

@Xeno it should but, with all the weather related commands that exist, we need to be able to globally change the weather throughout the mission.

Xeno added a comment.Nov 12 2013, 5:31 PM

And especially in this case (dynamic weather throughout the mission) it is really needed that there is one instance (server) which handles it and syncs changes to clients (especially in missions with JIP). Currently it's a pain in the a** to get all clients/JIP clients into the same state concerning weather.

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 4:39 PM

Also, the weather engine change the wind direction very very very very often ( maybe 3-4 times per 5 minutes) .

So it is very hard to shoot with a sniper or to land with helicopter (wind effect activated ) with this kind of wind.

+1 for Xeno.


What Xeno said is probably the best approach.

Things that are obviously global (like time of day and weather) should be controlled server side and synchronized automatically. At least by default.

Issue still applies in version 1.14.116248

No documentation about change "Added: Prototype of weather and time synchronization for MP" found (

not completely confirmed working but...

0 setovercast 1; (serverside)
ForceWeatherChange; (applied afterwards on server)

--> syncs weatherstate from server to clients including simulweatherchange.

to be checked:
JIP and nextweatherchange values in MP (seems still strange)

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