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T-100 Is overpowered, absorbs to much damage
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Tried to bomb it with jets and used hell-fire rockets, even with direct hit it deals little damage. Even if you hir all of your rockets, the tank can happly drive further and pretend nothing happend.

Also I shot 3 Titan Launcher missles at it, all 3 direct hit. Not much happened.

The only way I managed to destroy a T-100 was using another T-100 (might be a hint that its firepower is also too high).


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Go to editor mode, spawn a T-100, spawn anything else you can find a try to destroy it.

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There aren't any Hellfires in the game. I suppose you mean the Skalpel ATGM, which should IMO disable a tank in one hit and destroy it in another hit.

Also, I tried bombing a T-100 and one GBU-12 easily destroyed it (not disabled, destroyed).

I believe this is a simple bug on your system. I have no such problems.

Therefore this is not about balancing.

@ataraxic89, its not. My friends and I just did another test. It survived too much to call it balanced. So its not my system. Also I dont see anyway how my system determines how powerfull a tank is.

I will test when I get home. Can you or friends make screen cap of this?

Just tested the T-100 against DAGR: 2 from the back, or 3 from the front, seems to consistently disable or destroy it

With Skalpel ATGM it took only one to either disable or destroy the tank.

Tested as well. 1 ATGM from the buzzard killed it everytime.

Are you guys using the latest DEV Build version??

EDIT: My friend and I are going to check it again, where you using an empty T-100 or was there some one in there? We had some one in there.

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Just did a quick test using a Titan AT on the T-100.

Firing at rear of the tank took 1 round to disable (eject the crew) 3 rounds to destroy.

Then when firing at the front armour the crew did not eject and the tank was destroyed after 3 rounds.

Both tested with extended armour on and off using the current DEV build, seems fine to me.

I tested with the DEV build against crewed T-100

Arma is balanced in terms of what assets there are, not what the assets do. Things are not artificially modified to be balanced, they are only modified to be more realistic.

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Solution: If it's friendly and you're playing on regular or lower it gets a buff to it, you can even head-shot your squad mates and they'll just tell you: no. And since you said that you shot it with another t-100 I guess it was your friend you shot, and allies have some buff to make up for their limitations in terms of... thinking logic. That's what I think, obviously

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What does a chopper have to do with it? Of course a tank round would destroy a helicopter.

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