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New cars are too fast...
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Noticed that the new Hatchback and the SUV can reach the speed of 350 km/h.
I understand is 2035 but maybe them are too fast, even driving it with ctrl+w.
For the sport car, the speed is absolutely right IMHO.

I guess 250 km/h would be fair enough for other civ cars, or you could do something like:

ctrl+w - maiusc+q , as now, to increase or decrease car sprint, and Q/E if someone wants to really run or go at a "normal" speed.
I'm saying this because even if it's funny to drive reeeeally fast, it breaks the realism.
This is my opinion, yours may be different, just saying :)


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Wait, the SUV goes 350?

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Yep, is way too fast. 320 km/h maybe.
It's ok for the SPORT model, but not for the other car, cmon.

Please people, at least leave a comment for the negative feedbak, give your idea about things, it can only make the things better.

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+1 , vote up it is really too fast.

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I can confirm, the vehicle is way too fast that it reminds me of Midtown Madness from the 2000's

Ahah, that's true :D

No OP you *do not understand* it is 2035, otherwise you would have not made this ticket.

Yeah seriously, It's 2035 - Cars will be able to go this speed.

At least decrease the stopping distance. I play a lot of racing simulations, and it takes a lot less distance to go from 300 km/h to a complete stop. For example, it takes 30m for a modern Lamborghini to go from 100 km/h to a stop. It should probably take about 150m to 200m to go from 300 km/h to 0 assuming deceleration is constant. Currently, it takes about 370 - 400 meters to stop the hatchback from top speed.

Also, fix the turning radius. Its way too high at 150 to 180 km/h. I feel like those sports cars are just death traps at the current state.

It would not be realistic, even in 2035, for consumer grade vehicles to go this speed. Besides the obvious expense in producing the engines and aerodynamics for consumer grade vehicles to reach this velocity, there are other issues at play here. Laws and prudent driving being a couple, as well as a complete re-engineering of road systems to accommodate family vehicles whipping around at 350kph/217mph. Ridiculous argument. This is a simulation after all.

2035 = 350 km/h for cars ? Sorry, so 20 years ago you were driving at 10 km/h ... huh ?

Speed in Sports hatchback is redicoulous indeed for a simulation game and really breaks immersion.

Then just don't use it.

If that is the right attitude I'm sure many of us will not have bought this game in the first place.