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night time screens
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i do not know if it is a driver, video board, or game issue. i am sorry too that i do not have a screen shot at this time to show you too! :(

what happens is that when dusk/dawn comes, the colors start looking 'weird'. they do not 'fade' away like in your older games.

i am using:
HW: nvidia geoforce 650
SW: v9.18.13.2018
SW Date: 5/12/2013 {F21997} {F21998} {F21999} {F22000} {F22001} {F22002}


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see above

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IF i can re-edit this, i will try to attach a screenshot of what i am saying.

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all screenshots captured at 'game time' of: sept 9 2013 @ 1930 hrs

sorry for the delay!


Didn't it look like this in Arma 2?

good question! well..though i do have a2, it was easier to browse for pix on google...and it is what i remember...arma2 did NOT look like that. actually, it was BETTER.

i have attached 3 pix from non-arma3 games so that you/others can see.



the non-arma3 pix are listed as: non-arma3 nite-00???

there are many on google's image page.

1 - goto
2 - click 'images'
3 - type in 'arma2 night'
4 - hit ENTER or click 'blue button'

Actually, Arma 3 looks way better than the screenshots you attached (at least the ones I can see, number 1 and 3, I'm not going to download number 2).

Are you sure your drivers are up to date?'re right...thus why i was not sure if it is a driver/video card problem...and as far as the driver update goes...the 'latest' is july is the one before that...may 12, as posted.

and according to nvidia...the latestupdate does not mention i really doubt that is the issue...i did think about that before posting this an IT tech, i know to check for current drivers, but in this case, the night time stuff had always looked like this even when the drivers were 'new' months back.

this is why i also included my video settings in 18, 19, and 20.

to help others/the programmers, i shall update to the 'newest' driver(s)...though i am about 100% sure it will make no difference...

and yup...those are pretty crappy night time scenes...reminds me of games from 10-15 years back...hehehe ;)

a good example are pix 16 & 17. i am standing still and 'taking' the pix at 1930 and then at 0730, exact same spot (i have a script that changes time). 16 = night, 17 = day

daytime view is PERFECT...just crappy when dusk/dawn/night comes... :(
with night vision activated during dusk/dawn/night, view is fine.

and for your info, i do not have any 'mods' installed as i did not wish to waste my time on mods that may be broke upon final release...this is my script and is a carry-over from my arma1. one line: 'skiptime 12'

thanks for your input!