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Enable lock-on with bombs on CAS Jets like in ArmAII
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Right now it's quite hard to do precise bombing since you can't lock on anything when the bombs are selected, it wold be great if the system in ArmAII was the same in ArmAIII so precise bombing is possible.


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You can't lock onto lasers with bombs? I can.

There should only be a lock a) when the fighter jet has a laser targeting pod or b) an external laser is used.

For "dumb" bombs there should be a consent release mode to drop bombs according to their flight pattern (reference to Nou's great work from ACE 2).

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I didn't checked if I could lock-on lasers but I tried with vehicles and it doesn't work.

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You can't simply lock a bomb onto a vehicle IRL.

The missing laser for aircraft is a different (very important) topic.

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Flying a jet and using the weapons is to easy as it is already. And dropping dumb bombs is not that hard, just takes a bit of practice.

I would think all cas planes would be able to have a CCIP, more fun then having a lock as well.

Agreed with blackjack.tom. There's already a ticket for that.

They are laser guided! They should not be able to lock on. The feature request should be to have optional loadouts on aircraft. That way we could have a laser guided bomb like now *and* a gps guided bomb.

At least, i'd like to have a working HUD with predictable path

Do LGBs have that IRL? AFAIK they're not supposed to be used like dumb bombs.

CCRP/CCIP or a targeting pod is a must for effective CAS.

have a friend point a laser at something. it is difficult, but you can actually lock with the GBU-12, and they track quite nicely if you are flying above 300 meters and are at least a kilometer away to give you time to track the target and position your aircraft. It is hard to tell what to lock though. See my feedback post 0014561 about this problem.

CCRP/CCIP or a targeting pod! Not the Arma 2 junk bombing...

i have to disagree with you, because than the laser designator will be useless

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I must agree with Campbell and atarixc89

I agree with Shields, Campbell and atarixc89

In our missions, we tend to use planes without Maverick or anything that is able to lock targets. This is done to involve also infantry in CAS operations (laser designator). You have planes like A164, A10 or F18 if you want to lock targets. Leave bombs without lock, so everyone can choose how to make missions...