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NO AMSL on the HUD
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Hello all,

With arma 3 you give us the ability to fligth through clouds but, we have no AMSL values on the screen. We can't fly with ASFC values, it is maybe good for landing but not for flying.

In arma II we had AMSL values so why don't put it again in arma III ?


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What the hell is ASFC? You mean AGL?

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ASFC = Above surface

AMSL = Above sea level

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It is not a world related issue - I changed category to Visual-GUI.

@wallside: I know what AMSL is. But ASFC is not an official term, from what I can find.

@MulleDK19 You might. But others reading this ticket might not.

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@maxwell : sorry for the wrong category

that's so bad still no news from this problem. This is very difficult to maintain flight level with AGL. On arma 2, arma, OF we had AMSL ! why it is not include in the game now ? :(

PLS DO Something for pilot in the game !