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Helicopter Pulling Nose up
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We all know it, we all hate it:

Why pulls every helicopter constantly their noses upwards?
It's not true or realistic and it is constantly annoying when flying.

I just noticed it again while doing an insertion with chopper, where I was flying from the very souther airport to Sofia. I had to constantly push the joystick down-wards that my chopper keeps speed and height.


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Retreating blade stall.
It is the thing that limits helo top speed. And it is much stronger in reality - at top speed you would be pushing the cyclic all the way forward for not to slow down.

And Im not telling that helos are perfect at the moment.

IT IS realistic, its like what pryk said, retreating blade, try it out on TOH, because its either gonna put the nose down, or up, but never steady

Oh wow, this is something I really never heard off, despite it is fairly logical now. Before I thought this would be an "only-arma" thing. Thanks for clearing that up!