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Armed Offroad, Gunner position, Incorrect FOV/Zoom
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The FIA Armed Offroad Gunner position has Incorrect FOV/Zoom.

Currently the Gunner position in the Armed offroad has the same zoom and FOV (field of view) for both iron sights and 1st person perspective. It is too low.

3rd person camera position in addition to the FOV and Zoom issues, also has its camera located too high, forward and to the left side of the gunner so only the gunners head and very front of the vehicle is visible, and the left positioning causes an offset to where bullets go Vs where the cursor position is.

In addition, going into commander mode has a similarly incorrect FOV though the camera position seems to be correct.

In all cases the FOV is too low and reducing peripheral vision significantly.
{F21974} {F21975} {F21976}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. In editor place Armed offroad and playable as gunner + subordinate in group.
  2. Notice 1st person FOV is too low.
  3. Register a point from the screen corners ( a rock or bush for example).
  4. Press iron sights key.
  5. Observe the reference point will remain in the same position.
  6. Now go to 3rd person.
  7. spin the camera around and you will notice it's centre of rotation is high above the centre of the vehicle.
  8. Centre of rotation should be (logically) around the MG.
Additional Information

There is a another way to better understand the zoom/FOV effect I am seeing:

  1. As a soldier with rifle + subordinate in group.
  2. Go into 3rd person view.
  3. Hold the zoom key (not iron sight/scope) then at the same time press the key to go into commander mode.
  4. You will observe that you get a 'zoomed in' 3rd person view

I'm guessing this is a Config related issue in addition to a 'visual' one.

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Resolved in EXE rev. 110304
Good stuff!

Resolved in EXE rev. 110304. Closing