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Zoomed in TWS MG optic's elevation compensation is wrong.
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The new MG version of the TWS optic has got incorrect elevation compensation marks when zoomed in (numpad +) e.g. while shooting at 300m you must use 200m mark while when zoomed out it's perfectly alligned.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put rifleman in editor
  2. In his initialization tab write: removeallprimaryweaponitems this; this addprimaryweaponitem "optic_tws_mg";
  3. Use the marks to shoot at distant targets.

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It's not even tuned for the rifles. It's supposed to be used with the Negev and the M200.

Edit: Tested with the M200 and Zafir. M200 shoots point of aim point of impact, the Zafir shoots about 5 - 10 centimeters high depending on the distance.

Also tested the MX-LSW, it shoots slightly high on all settings.

There is, however, a difference in points of impact between WFOV and NFOV on all guns.

Also the upper most dot on the aiming reticule is labelled as 200m, while the scope is zeroed for 400m and can't be changed manually. This is confusing, as to what is the actual zero setting, because in other scopes the central dot, between the crosshairs, corresponds with zero setting.