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T-100, AMV-7 Marshall and M4A2 Slammer crews can be killed with rifles from below
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Going prone under one of the mentioned tanks and looking up (and through the bottom) allows you to kill the tank's crew, even with a 6.5mm assault rifle. The bullets spawn right inside the tank and hit the crew before hitting the thicker layers of amor, allowing a lucky soldier to cheese through a heavily armored tank by laying down under it and shooting up.
On the T-100, the entire crew can be killed but the driver must be turned-out.
On the AMV-7 Marshall, both commander and gunner can be killed, but driver not so easily.
On the M4A2, only the commander can be killed.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn crewed friendly or neutral T-100/AMV-7/M4A2 (tests can be done separately)
  2. Prone and crawl under each tank through the back
  3. Look up just enough to have the gun barrel phase through the tank and reach the (visible) crew
  4. Shooting T-100 crew can take about 3 to 5 rounds, while the AMV-7 and M4A2 may take a clip each.

Tested with the Katiba 6.5mm and Rook-40 9mm on the T-100, MX 6.5mm on the AMV-7 and M4A2.

Additional Information

Even though this requires being right next to a tank, it can cause serious damage to combined arms missions, since a tank can be disabled and stolen with minimal effort. No other vehicles are known to be affected.

The IFV-6 Panther Commander is vulnerable to the same issue, but only when turned out. In that state, he's easy enough to be hit to not be an issue though.

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As an additional note, this issue stems from the ability to look up while in a prone stance. Limiting the aiming up angle while prone can patch this issue up while at the same time removing the "Steel back soldier" syndrome that's been in the series for a while. Being prone shouldn't allow you to aim straight up to the sky, it should be locked to the ground and a little above so it's still possible to shoot targets uphill.

Can you provide all this information onto this already reviewed and assigned ticket for his issue?

This issue affects most vehicles in the game.