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Give joystick a way to assign an axis for throttle
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There is a very big issue pertaining to joystick users.

Currently in ArmA 3 it is only possible to assign an axis to both Break and Throttle, meaning that 0-49% of the axis is used to break and 50%-100% is used to increase thrust. This is a huge issue because it is very uncomfortable and very unlike ANY other game.

There needs to be an option to set the whole axis to be the throttle. So that 10% throttle is slower than 90% throttle (instead of 10% completely stopping the plane because it is below 50$).

I think that Increase Thrust and Decrease Thrust should stay but there should be two new options. Increase Throttle and Decrease Throttle, these should be easier to program and will not interfere with the default preset.


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This is not a glitch or a problem. You're using the wrong collective set.

Go into your configuration and switch to helicopter controls...

You'll see two sets of collectives.

Collective Up
Collective Down

and at the bottom

Collective Up (Analogue)
Collective Down (Analogue)

The top ones will force a hover when controls are released, which makes it more ideal for keyboard users, the bottom set allows full range of your slider (aka Throttle).

YES! BIS - PLEASE, Please, Please FIX this problem for airplanes! Separating the brakes from the throttle is a fundamental basic of flight. Thank you.

It is a HUGE problem for airplanes, NOT helicopters!

It was a design decision from BIS that when you reduce throttle, the game also automatically "applies the brakes". But in a plane, that causes problems. And planes don't even remotely work that way in real life. The brakes (air brakes or wheel brakes) are not automatically applied when you decrease the throttle. And having ARMA3 (or ARMA2) automatically apply the air brakes every time you reduce the throttle makes it hard to control the plane well during landing.

Yes, you can adapt to the problem, but it's not right. Taking your foot off the gas pedal does NOT automatically step onto the brakes in your car. Sometimes you just want to COAST for a while, without hitting the gas or brakes. Same thing for planes. You shouldn't slam on the brakes every time you reduce the throttle.

YES! BIS - PLEASE, Please, Please FIX this problem for airplanes! Separating the brakes from the throttle is a fundamental basic of flight. Thank you.

At least put in a "realistic throttle" option in the settings for pilots who value a slightly more realistic flight model, as opposed to a child's arcade game flight model.

You don't have to put in a ton of realism options. But this is a basic thing right here.


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This is not for helicopter. This is for airplanes. My issue is still relevant.

Its still a problem for helicopters too,if I make only a slight adjustment to my throttle it will cause me to up and down up and down non stop as I try to find the deadzone which isn't at 50% its at about 75% so my throttle axis area is basically cut in half which makes it much more sensitive to input.

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Well yeah. Helicopters too. We need to have an axis control for throttle and a separate one to break .

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Try in "Plane control" section (not Heli), the throttle control, assign both axis (first + and then -) to it. If it goes reversed, try the other way (first - and then +).

It was an issue in A2:

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@alef i actually tried that before and it really buggy. If you put the axis at half-way, there becomes no thrust at all.

Good point HydroBIGBANG. I didn't think about it, but yes. Throttle should be one entire axis for helicopters too.

Still, it's somewhat "workable" in the helicopters, but COMPLETELY WRONG in airplanes.

BIS - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this trottle issue. PLEASE separate the throttle axis from the brakes.

Thank you.

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I just tested it out and helis and I can't even maintain altitude. I keep going either up or down...

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I have collective raise (analogue) and collective lower (analogue) assigned to the throttle z axis +/- on my Saitek Cyborg Evo and it works fine.


@RN_Max Airplanes are a different story.

Does anybody here have success controlling an airplane with their joystick using the slider as thrust? It's so damn difficult and confusing.


I fly helicopters and there needs to be the option to assign collective and throttle independently. Currently raising the collective above mid-point triggers the engine to start and then I think there is no control over the throttle - it's either engine on or off.

Also controls should not be shared between the plane and helicopter. If a user wants to use one set of controls for rudder while in a helicopter and another set for rudder while in a plane, they should be able to do that. Currently they can not.