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Optional Farsi accent English for OPFOR if player is OPFOR!
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It is nice to have the Farsi radio protocol.
Many users don't speak Farsi. Neither do I.
If I play as OPFOR I wont understand a single word my squad or HQ sais.
And I dont have time to read all the radio messages in an intense firefight.

I recommend an optional Farsi accent English for OPFOR if player is OPFOR!


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It was annoying in ArmaII too, but with Russian...
(Also my English is not very good...)

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You're asking them to use a big budget cut to remake all the voice overs that took so long to make, just to make the game a bit more unrealistic (I don't think that Iranian forces communicate in english between eachother, no non-english speaking force does.). Heh it would be nice to understand what they're saying, but this is not a solution.

I knew someone will bring this up.
First of all:
AAF and FIA IS talking in English with greek accent!
If player is not OPFOR they should talk in their native language.
But as soon as I'am with them, how realistic is that I cant understand the orders given to me? I have to learn Farsi to play as OPFOR?

/*They should have thought to it when they've recorded the Farsi voices, the same guy could have said the same in English too and it is done.*/

I know there are higher priorities, but it would be nice to have this option in the future...

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Voice-acting for ArmA 3 is very expensive when you got so many lines and so many possibilities. This would take a HUGE amount of money, while not adding anything to the game. Just read the chat messages if you want to understand what is being said.

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Please not. Never ever ever ever never do this with Arma. I'm an old fan of Arma and OFP and I don't want this new common fancy gameplay "feature", the foreign forces speaking English with an accent. I played BF3 with my ears bleeding from that "We need to fall back" with an accent of Russian redneck.
It won't take a long time to remember these repetitive phrases and what do they mean. It wasn't a problem to memorize simple phrases like "zhengqiu yisheng, shouting" and "diren tanke, shouting" after some time in BF2.
If you want to understand the orders on the fly right now - learn Farsi. Maybe this will encourage lazy schoolboys to learn something other than their native language.
I hope BIS will give us Greek voices with one of the patches.

I understand your opinion, and I know that a lot of OFP/Arma fun thinks the same, but maybe you have missed the first word of the title:

I agree with OP. This should be optional.

suggestion to learn farsi.. absurd and offtopic.