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Ammo truck severely limit capacity for rearming A-143
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Expending all weapons then using an ammo truck to reload I received 120 flares and 63 cannon rounds. No missiles where received.

I would expect at least one full reload per truck.

Also. It would be useful to know if a truck is "empty".


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Also, I have noticed that only the host can use the Ammo crates in mp missions, and they don't work at all in dedicated servers.

You also can not rearm a vehicle that spawns in completely empty (which i find strange).

+1 for 1 full resupply per truck, ability to see its empty, and AT LEAST make the vehicles crates rearm the trucks!

The fuel trucks are good, they Refuel 1 and a half Slammers.

The Repair Trucks have TOO much inertia! (HMETT version) It acts like an air vehicle when it hits 15kph, tugging left or right while driving.